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Non-Profit Well Building

    Within Cameroun, Africa, there continues to be a detrimental freshwater scarcity, with only 30%-40% of the Camerounian public having access to freshwater resources. In addition, when they do find outside recourses of basic drinking water, there can be additional fears as to whether the drinking water is safe. This is a privilege we often overlook, though, to the Cameroonian people, this uncertainty as to their ability to obtain drinkable water poses a real threat of life or death.

    Our goal is to continue to build accessible wells for the Cameroonian public within their own communities, ensuring they have access to safely consumable and hydrating well water. With 2 wells completed and fully functioning (already providing in cumulation about 8,000 liters of water an hour), we are dedicated to continuing to raise the funds to hire larger construction teams, well materials, and more in order to increase the well-building process and create more freshwater access.

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