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    A Cameroonian native (born and raised in Yaoundé) Paul Tchounga has lived many lives. Though his journey has taken him down different paths, his passion was reignited when beginning construction on his first well project in 2015.


    Flying back and forth between his family in California and his family in Cameoun, his want to create change led him to compile a team to bring the opportunities and accessibilities that those in the United States had to the Cameroonian people. Not afraid to get his hands

dirty, Paul Tchounga can often be found on the well construction and building sites, as he believes that creating freshwater access requires one to be involved whether overseas or in the building process.

    With his company, he hopes to create a wider awareness for his well-building work and hopes to raise more financial support in order to continue to create water accessibility for more Cameroonian people.

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