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As a non-profit organization, we are unique in the way that our owner and crew are actively and consistently working in the field, building wells, and creating change that can be seen within weeks rather than months.


Our wells have already begun to have a real impact and change lives, but in order to continue our mission;

we need your help!

Any donation starting at $5 can go a long way in building more wells within Cameroun. Every contribution helps in the creation of more accessible water sources for those without access and expanding these sources all across the country.


Spreading the word is one of the most effective ways to help bring awareness to change; at just a click of a button!

Share this page on your social media, and help get our mission out there! Send forward a text, and encourage someone you know to donate by leading by example!

Just copy and paste the website URL below!


A minute for us could impact a lifetime for someone else!

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